Free Covergirl Handbook

Stardoll Giftcodes Free Covergirl Handbook
1. Log in to Stardoll
2. Go to this page:
3. Scroll down and on the -Enter your Gift Code- section, paste this code:
4. Click the Redeem button
The handbook should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite :)
Thanks to Jenny-pie! :)


ladyrocker4ever said...

I love it!! Thanks!!!
visit me..

Anonymous said...

yeah second i love this blog!!

Alex20Alex said...

i heard there is a Berret for free. it looks really nice. does anybody know how to get it ?

Emilija/9002Miss2009 said...

The berret requires using a French manual proxy. You can try the ones listed here:
There are two comps:
http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=3038 - gives you a black berret.
http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=3032 - gives you a red berret and it's Superstar only.

I really don't knwo what to do with these whole manual proxy - only items - should I make posts about them and receive lots of "it's not working" complaints, or not. :|

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenny-pie ! (:

- vivian51

Anonymous said...

btw, if you are finland stardoll you get there free microphone:


- vivian51

Anonymous said...

Ladyjoyce said .....

Thanks it worked =]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Free yellow helmet !

From france :


Just click and send a picture :)

Ps: visit me : edb41250

Alyssa Missa said...


Julia Cl said...

So.....what is this for?

Anonymous said...

Not really ,ugh point in this - just another thing to clutter up my suite.. But I absolutely love freebies so I have done most of the things.. ;)

mattiq97 said...

New freebies on www.desirablestardoll.blogspot.com !!!

Anonymous said...

didnt work!

Anonymous said...

this dosent work unless you have a pin-code!!! nooo!!!

Anonymous said...

guys u dont need a pin code... all u have to do is the code then it says it has been confirmed or succesfuly what ever. SO really check your suite if u have not yet.

Anonymous said...

it didn't work so well for me there needs to be a pin code >:( but the winx one did work and thanks so its 2013 u might need to update but its ok