Free Sims 3 University Exam Dress and Hat

~If you are from France - Log in and click HERE.
~If you're not from France- Follow the steps below:
1. Go to a French proxy like
hideme.be/ OR proxy.ianaz.com
2. Paste the link into the blank box of the proxysite
3. Click Go/Surf or simply Hit Enter on keyboard
4. Log into Stardoll
5. Now paste the link below into the URL/Address bar of the proxysite
6. Click Go/Surf or hit Enter on keyboard
7. You should automatically join the club.
8. You can now leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual
The items should be in 2 Sims 3 University bags in your suite. :)
P.S. It might take some time for the items to appear in your suite.


ThePinkitas said...

The Pinkitas are coming on March 21st. Get ready Stardoll...

Anonymous said...

how we get the pool?? i tryed to invite a friend but the invite button didn't ork with proxy..........find out what we can do....it's really nice pool.......

divaeleni 54 on stardoll

Rowen Duffy said...

There was a pop up about girls dating and it had nudey girls O.e

Kitty Green said...

Is there gonna be a post on how to get the pool? I'm thinking you might need to use a manual proxy so it actually shows friends to invite and in that case won't be posted on this sight.

Anonymous said...

This is not nice !!!! I live in france, and now that there is finally a freebie there, i'm on holidays in the Netherlands !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey I'm not joining the club automatically, its asking me permission to join and then the connection error of the wrong page :(

Anonymous said...

The 1st proxy wasn't french LOL

Anonymous said...

The proxies aren't even french! They both are just US/UK proxies