Free Facebook Likometer Clothes and Accessories + 5 Free Stardollars

 Stardoll Free Facebook Likometer Items Clothes and Accessories + 5 Free Stardollars
These freebies are available only if you have a Facebook. I suggest creating a spare profile:
(1)Create a new e-mail (for example on gmail.com); then 2)Sign up on Facebook.com with it)
BUT you can use an already existing one.

1)Log in your newmade or old Facebook.com profile
2)Open a new tab and Go to stardoll.com and Log in
3)Go to stardoll's Settings:
4)Scroll down and click -Connect to Facebook-
This should show up
5)Edit the settings to ''Only Me'' and Click -Play Now- button

6)Go to your Facebook.com and "Like" Stardoll's Facebook page:
7)Then Click on Free Gifts App or Copy&Paste this link:
This should show up
8)Click -Accept this gift- button for the item(s) you want to receive
(I suggest "right-click -- open in new tab" for each item OR re-visit the app page for each)
When you have ''accepted'' items you want, Go to Stardoll
Items should be in Thumbs Up bags in your suite [:

*When stardoll reaches 4 million likes, another gift will be released

---Limit sharing all stardoll activities on Facebook, Go here:
---To unconnect stardoll from Facebook, Go here:
(Click x to remove it)

IF YOU NEED some extra info or briefer version - feel free to comment your questions.
I tried to be descriptive, but whole process is actually very fast [:


Anonymous said...

Hi :)
Uh, i was just meaning to ask you if i could reconnect my stardoll account with another account? Bc when i went on my settings on stardoll, it said i was already connected to facebook, but apparently, i forgot which facebook account i connected it with.


Anonymous said...

hey, I got the gifts, but I didn't receive sd.. What should I do?

Ruth said...


Yes, you can unconnect - but to do that you need to use the facebook settings..

You get stardollars only if you connect for the first time. Or maybe... Or maybe those 5sds are the ones in the app - for logging on daily for 5 days on the stardoll's facebook application..

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have joined in facebook with a new account but when I get to the page of the gift-o-meter the meter is empty and I have no gifts aviable. What can I do? Its like nobody has liked the app.
I ask like an anonymous but I wish you could answer and help me please:)

Barbie Lover said...

hi i have a question I made an stardoll account on my Facebook and i tried to remove it and put my own stardoll account but it says you are already connected when i go to my facebook it's still my old account i can't put my another account that signed up in stardoll.com

please answer thanks

Ruth said...

Answer to question(s) above

I just logged in with my spare FB and the gifts are still there. What matters is if you can see the "accept" button. To see it - you MUST "like" Stardoll's page.

Anonymous said...

Sorry didn't work this time :P

Anonymous said...

Everything worked perfectly... your directions were perfect. Thank you for providing the links too. I did not have to connect as i was already connected... just making a note of that... you dont have to disconnect and reconnect... just have to be connected. TY again for all your work... doing all this can't be easy.. and this one also made me aware that i can sign in and get those extra coins and sd for fb too. cool!!

Anonymous said...

5 stardollars they not coming in my doll


Happy janona said...

I think you should be more seriec I mean all people has facebook

swan_diamond on stardoll said...

Not everyone. Some adults choose to not have facebook, while some 2nd graders seem to have facebook. It just depends on how much you are active on social networks and whether you have parents/guardians that allow it. (<Some people are still children).

Lina said...

tttttttttttttttnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnxxxxxxxxxxxxx!! <3

His said...

This is crap

sad said...

it doesnt work!! i like and unlike like and unlike and the gifts never show up. :(

El...ka said...

didn;t work:((((

Carrrrrrie said...

It worked for me thanks!

ema said...


ker said...

it just shows as boxes for me..