Free Email Gift Heart Me Bag

Stardoll Free Stuff Email Gift Heart Me Bag
If you are on USA - Log in and Visit a link here
If you are on any other country, Follow these steps:
1)Go to any USA proxy like -
usafastproxy.info/ OR uk-proxy.co.uk OR dontfilter.us/ OR bypassthe.net/
2)Copy&Paste or Type stardoll link on the white bar
3)Click Go button or Press Enter on your keyboard
4)Stardoll page should load, Log in stardoll
5)Now on proxy's URL: bar paste this link:
6)Click Go or Press Enter
You should be redirected to suite, but page won't load, it's okay
75)Leave the proxy page and Go to stardoll as usual
Bag should be in a pink giftbox in your suite [:


lililo said...

i love this sayt

JanaStarlite said...

This is a nice freebie. Thanks for the link as I didn't get the email.

Ruth said...

Neither I got the e-mail. They started off by making this the email gifts for all countries and I felt like finally they have listened to us, wanting freebies on all countries, without using proxies. But here we are, once again being forced to use them. -R.

clawdeen said...

i take it!

it works with uk-proxy.co.uk

IcyAass12 said...


IcyAass12 said...


IcyAass12 said...


IcyAass12 said...

السلام عليكم ^-^

IcyAass12 said...


bows said...

Thank you ! ♥

Iyanla Brissett said...

Thanks for the scam!! It didnt work.

IcyAass12 said...

1D? 0_0 ^-^ *_*

dea said...

thank you

Tự Kỉ said...

thank you but i live in VietNam and to get the bag i don't need proxy or fake ip

Selma said...