Free Gaby Estrella Dress

-If you are in Brazil - Log in and Join and club HERE
-If you're not in Brazil - Follow these steps:
1)Go to any Brazilian proxy like these:
brazilsurf.info OR brazilunblock.info OR freewebsurf.info
2)Copy and Paste this link in the blank bar on proxy
3)Click Go button or Press Enter on your keyboard
4)Log in Stardoll and now on proxy's link URL bar paste this link
5)Click Go, page should reload and you should be joined to a club
If not - refresh/re-paste the link and click go again
---If you wish - you can Leave club by pasting this link on proxy's URL and Clicking Go:
6)Log out by pasting this link on URL: bar and Clicking Go-
7)Close the proxy and Go to Stardoll.com as usual
Dress should be in a campaign bag in your suite [:

There is also a free guitar on quiz on club's presentation, but somehow it seem not be available if using web proxy*


ALba said...

SOrry but you said that we can't get things with proxies o.O

guest said...

it is just a rule, who told you that Ruth want to respect it? ^^

Recks said...

Yeah she mentioned she will still be doing proxies! duh!

n0one said...

The new italian campaign worked perfectly with this proxy: http://protocolliweb.com/proxy

Login, then paste this: http://www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/scrivimiancora (you can watch the video), then click on the circle showing the flowers,

swar said...

ok wet no

gulmina khan said...

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lovelykittyxoxo said...

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loveblearta2 said...

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