Free I Heart Reading Skirt

If you are on USA - Log in, Join club here and tick all books on presentation as -Yes- for more items
If you are on any other country, Follow these steps:
1)Go to any USA proxy like -
usafastproxy.info/ OR uk-proxy.co.uk OR dontfilter.us/ OR bypassthe.net/
2)Copy&Paste or Type stardoll link on the white bar
3)Click Go button or Press Enter on your keyboard
4)Stardoll page should load, Log in stardoll
5)Now on proxy's URL: bar paste this link:
6)Click Go or Press Enter
You should be joined to the club, if not, refresh/re-paste the link and click go
7)If you wish - you can Leave club by pasting this link:
8)Log out by pasting this link - stardoll.com/do/logout.php
9)Close the proxy page and Go to stardoll as usual
Skirt should be in a campaign bag in your suite [:


stawberry615 said...

I love the skid
So cute.

clawdeen said...

nice skirt!!!!!!!!!!!
i take it!

Leah said...

It won't let me click the buttons to say I have read the books

Lamia Rahman Mim said...

why dont proxy let us to read books ruth?

🎀Rebecca Way🎀 said...

awesome skirt

🎀Rebecca Way🎀 said...


Jade Graham said...

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lalapoo said...

please can you get more clothes that have hearts on it and no proxy stuff? thank you.

Ruth said...

Thank you for your comment, but I have to higlight the fact that I, person who writes this blog, am not in charge for the free items that are chosen to be given and designed, it is all up to stardoll staff, I just write how to get the things that are available, and cannot impact the creative process as I am not part of staff. I hope you understand. -R.