Free Watch and Evermoor Frog

-If you are in UK - Log in and start from 6th step skipping the proxy using [:
-If you aren't in UK, Follow these steps:
1)Go to any UK based web proxy like
bestukproxy.co.uk OR  joeproxy.co.uk OR  justproxy.co.uk/ OR quickproxy.co.uk OR proxay.co.uk/
2)On it's URL/Address bar paste or type
3)Click Go button or Press Enter on keyboard
4)Stardoll page will load, Log in
5)Click Go/Enter, page should re-load
If you don't see proxy's URL: bar, go back to proxy's main page
To get the watch-
6)On proxy's URL: bar paste this link
7)Click Surf/Go or Press Enter, Kidizoom page should load
To get the frog-
8)You have to find hidden objects around stardoll while on proxy
I personally just searched them, instead of pasting the link
So choose - whenever you Paste each link or just visit the pages manually
Album/Contest/Mini Games/App games/Magazine
Each page contain an ojbect, you have to click on them, here are all of the things you have to look for
When you are done -
6)Close the proxy's tab/window and Go to stardoll.com as usual
Items should be in a campaign bags in your suite [:
Thanks to USD


♡ Terry ♡ said...

Thanks! c: I wish I could get the doll or cape though.

Steffi said...

Thanks! I got the watch and frog. Dang I really want that goat lol

n0one said...

You can get a lil bracelet if you join the club as well http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=6089527&action=ma&ac=6089527

divaeleni54-->stardoll name said...

please check my album and my club!! thanks!!

Zackiegold said...

Can you post about the new Italian freebies please?

Jemima Harrison said...

For some reason UK proxies dont work on my computer...

katyperrycupcak said...

I just want her cape!
COME ON STARDOLL! Is it too much to ask?

Alex Biater said...

Proxy List :

princessforhire said...

omg i LOVE evermoor

gita said...

i can watch but no object