Free Lego Friends Heart Picture, Fruit Bowl and Photo Strip

stardoll free items stuff lego friends heart picture fruit bowl photo strip
If you are in France - Log in, Join this club and Click where it says on presentation
If you aren't in France -
(Proxy using is rather forbidden on stardoll and you might get a warning message from the staff; I would not suggest using proxies if you have already gotten any of those warnings (4th warning leads to losing account, I have talked about this before that it is risky to use proxies since the rules changed, so beware of possible consequences in future)
1)Go to any French web proxy like -
2)On the proxy's bar paste or type stardoll link
3)Click on Go/Press Enter and you should be directed to stardoll
4)Log in stardoll,
You should have received the heart shaped picture by now

For the fruit bowl -
5)On proxy's URL: bar Copy&Paste this link -
(if you do not see URL bar, go to proxy's homepage again and paste there)
6)Click Go/Press Enter and you should be sent to club page
7)Scroll down a little the presentation till you see this
8)Click the text or open it in a new tab, Lego page should load
If you do not want the photo strap simply close the proxy page.

For photo strip -
9)Go back to club's presentation, scroll down more till this
10)Click on the text, you should be redirected to wishlist page
11)Tick any of the items and Click Créer ma liste de cadeaux
12)On next page type any email address, I wrote q241@gkmail.com
13)Click the Créer ma liste de cadeaux button again
That's it, finally.
14)Close the proxy's tab and Go to stardoll.com as usual
Items should be in a campaign bag in your suite [:


Steffi said...

I am so happy you continue your blog! Thanks :-)

stardolcool0 said...

well... it didnt send me anything!

sara said...

well I thinks that is an bad idea to use proxy agian if someone have not look at the warning they can be deletet forever just write that this is to the french people like this way

vampirefreak121 said...

hey ruth!!
so like there is a party for people in france there is a freebie but my server is taking forever to load, can you get it for me??????
and thanks for continuing your blog

BomboBombonick said...

Ruth, we use proxy we are not risky to delete my account?

Ruth said...

I wrote a paragraph in this post which you seem to have unnoticed, using proxies is against the rules, even though it has been for quite a while. I would not suggest using proxies anymore, but yet I personally still use them on my other accounts and nothing bad has happened, but I would rather suggest not to.

Ruth said...

UnderneathSD already writes in such way. Actually several blogs do. I still use proxies and have not yet got warnings because of it. But I have made several statements not suggesting using proxies, yet I get my stardoll account flooded with comments and requests asking to continue this blog.

BomboBombonick said...

I know, I read that paragraph, but if you use proxy wipe us account, how can I make myself get lego friends without using proxy? If I use it will it delete my account .... and I would not want

Ruth said...

The staff would firstly warn you via message, they would not delete you immediately if they found out you broke the rules. But well there might be a chance of using manual proxies, even though they are probably forbidden too. Staff is limiting our ways of getting freebies. And there is nothing we can do about it.

vymrdalova said...

Cool, you're back! :) In your face, Stardoll!

vymrdalova said...

If you don't want to use proxies, you won't get the stuff. OR you could travel to France and log in from there, that should do the trick.

elena0505 said...

Vote for me please CG to be one of the dolls that never been SS and achieved a dream of becoming CG for a day. :)

foufouki78 said...

im foufouki78 add me:)

inaeduina said...

hello guys!!!!!!!plz vizit my suit and join in DIRECTIONERLUV club.dont forget to vote me amd my best friends.

SLIAKO said...


clawdeen said...

hi ! i have a freedie for you!=) Just take the following

1)Go to any USA proxy like -
usafastproxy.info/ OR uk-proxy.co.uk OR dontfilter.us/ OR bypassthe.net/
2)Copy&Paste or Type stardoll link on the white bar

you will take purple Earmuffs

spentza said...


Jade Graham said...

they convinced the petition site to include their "cause" in its membership mailing notice. lego friends

pixienina5 said...

cao kako se ovo skida

Jefta Kovacev said...

Ovo se ne skida nego samo radis po uputstvu kako pise!!! :)