(no proxy) Free Wool Bustier

stardoll free stuff items blog free wool busteir no proxy special offers
SAFE TO GET without breaking any rules as i doesn't require proxy
1)Log in stardoll and Visit this page:
-If you get redirected to your suite 
You should have it in a pink giftbox in your suite [:

-If you get redirected to this page - it means you haven't connected an e-mail to stardoll. To do it:
2)Open another tab and Log in your e-mail*.
(You should have an e-mail somewhere, if you don't or don't remember the password, create a new one on gmail/yahoo/hotmail or somewhere else, log in)
3)Go back to stardoll's tab, Go to Settings and Click on Change e-mail address option
4)Write your (new) e-mail address and Click Sign me up button
5)Click Continue
6)Open e-mail's tab and Wait for e-mail from Stardoll
7)Open it and Click on where it says Confirm your e-mail
8)Visit the written above link again
You should be redirected and the scarf should be in a pink giftbox in your suite [:

*I SUGGEST MAKING A REAL, WORKING EMAIL, which's password you'll remember
because in case something happens with your stardoll account (can't log in/account's deleted or hacked), you will be able to get it back by writing to stardoll staff

Thanks to USD


Teresa said...

It worked!! You´re my favorite stardoll blog! :)

JanaStarlite said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I don't get the emails, so you've helped all of my accounts get this cool freebie!

mirikinika (sd name) said...

What do you think?

sara said...

i am very happy to se you try again to make more things i am very thanksfull thank you

Riya said...

Hey ! Ruth it would be nice if you just tell me which countries can play the christmas contest ! Thank you :)

alida said...

very beatiful

annla18 said...

Can you still post items that you can get with proxies? Just so that we can see the sorts of other items there are?

hermine said...

come on ruth more proxsies

reana-real1 said...

plizz my home startdoll

freegirl said...

didn't work

anna.iziStar said...

i love this and i install all in htgf

open.24 ( sd name ) said...

i like* and i love htgf

tole said...

i dont know work this please please tell me how this works my site and know how to???