Free Black Cat with Necklace (Email Gift)

If you are on USA - Log in and Visit a link HERE
If you are on any other country, Follow these steps:
1)Go to any USA proxy like -
usafastproxy.info/ OR uk-proxy.co.uk OR dontfilter.us/ OR bypassthe.net/
2)Copy&Paste or Type contest link on the white bar
3)Click Go button or Press Enter on your keyboard
4)Stardoll page should load, Log in stardoll
5)Now on proxy's URL: bar paste this link:
You should be redirected to your suite
7)Leave the proxy page and Go to stardoll.com as usual
Cat should be in a pink giftbox in your suite [:
Thanks to USD


rondek77 said...

emma staar

barbie said...

I got it

Angella said...

i got it too!!!

Alice said...

WOW too beautiful

Barbie said...

Can u plz add me on stardoll my name is : barbiesofia001

Name is not important said...

This blog is getting worse... There are only freebies for people from certain countries... I know you can use proxies but that's breaking SD rules... Earlier there were freebies for EVERYONE...

Ruth said...

Dear reader, I apologize for the situation, even though I cannot personally help on this matter. Please note that I, person who made this blog, created it on purpose to inforn others about free items available. I am not a part of staff or part of team who would decide which free items are given and to whom. If I was person in charge,believe me, there would be new free items everyday for everyone. Please note that the stardoll staff are the ones who should be blamed for making us used to having freebies and now limiting them more than ever... In old times there were way more free items offeres. Unfortunately, times are as they are.. I have several times tried to reach star staff in regard of making more free items available internationally,but they have their reasons for offering only particular sponsorships on particular countries only, as stardoll staff only seem to care about ways of making more money rather than rewarding their devoted members/users of stardoll - us.

El...ka said...

Pleaze join my club Elushik....THANK YOU!!!

♥امووورة♥ said...

thank you 5555/5

Varsanyan Anahit said...