Will just leave this here..

Stardoll no longer creates any freebies.

I, the creator of this blog, have still been following up the updates
and the only thing I could have posted about within almost a year was the Easter campaign.
Other than that, there have been no freebies.
Mof old things are no longer available no one seems to be creating any new ones.

Do you remember how back in the old days there were so many
new campaigns, contests, videos, clubs with free item giveaways and reaching new milestones of stardoll users freebies?

Now there is nothing.. Stardoll seemingly has stopped doing sponsorship with brands and only focuses on making users pay for membership and buy more stardollars. I do not even see that much of exciting updates happening in general, the site just feels left off.

I can say that I miss this blog,
but, unfortunately, it no longer can be what it used to be.

So this is rather an official farewell to those hundreds of people who still for some reason open this blog page. Most likely for the start of voting for Miss Stardoll World contest there will be something free available next month, but other than that, we are left empty handed.

Thank you for being part of this freebie lover community!
Best wishes on getting out of stardoll and doing more on the outside ☀


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