Free Monster High Prom Dress 7 and 8

Stardoll Free Monster High Prom Dresses
If you are on USA - Log in and Visit a page HERE
If you are on any other country, Follow these steps:
1)Go to any USA proxy site such as -
uk-proxy.co.uk OR usafastproxy.info/ OR dontfilter.us/ OR bypassthe.net/
2)Copy&Paste or Type stardoll.com link on the white bar
3)Click Go button or Press Enter on your keyboard
4)Stardoll page should load, Log in stardoll
5)Now on proxy's URL bar (click +show form if needed) paste this link
6)And press Enter/Click Go/World button
You should be redirected to blank page
7)Leave the proxy page and Go to stardoll as usual
Dresses should be in a Monster High campaign bags in your suite [:
Thanks to USD [:


Anonymous said...

how many dresses there are?

Taiba Omar said...


Anonymous said...

so excited about these... working still in the usa! TY ty!!