Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked questions:
Why is there nothing new? It's been days without any post.
Ask this to stardoll staff. I, Ruth, am just a stardoll member just like you. I don't make the new items. I just post how to get them. If I as in charge of free items on stardoll, we would have a lot. Every single day. And I would love to post daily. But there simply aren't any new things made. No new contests/clubs/campaigns. 2014 has been quite an empty year for us. Less than before and available for shorter time. But you can get some freebies from the Vote. Sometimes. It's better than nothing.

How to leave the clubs you joined for the freebies in different countries?
First you have to Go to the proxy you used when you joined the club. Log in. And same as you used joining link, now you have to use one for leaving. 'Leaving' To leave club you have to change one letter in joining club link. A (add) to D (delete).
For example -
To join a club: http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1350765&action=ma&ac=1350765
To leave a club: http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1350765&action=md&ac=1350765
*Notice that each club has it's own id numbers, so you have to look it up, I suggest using Google. Type stardol club and club's name. And you will get the id numbers.

How do you, Ruth, know about all this stuff?
It isn't really a secret, as I don't really have one particular method. Main source for information is still good old search engine Google (both to see if staff made anything new and to seek proxies). To see if there are any new campaigns. Checking spoilers frequently. Looking up proxies within Google again. Then going on them to see if there is anything new. UK/USA have so many campaigns that there are always chances on new items coming.
Plus, sometimes there are just other stardoll blogs that post it before. Or someone on comments writes something they saw. Some years ago there were a lot of weekly contests on Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey.. Now it happens rarer. So it's just enough to check the UK/USA proxies for new contests/campaigns. And spoilers. I have mentioned spoiler link below, so scroll down for it.

About proxies:
What are proxies?Proxies are web pages that are used to cheat a little. You see, internet collects data and the web pages you visit sees from which country you are visiting them. Certain sites have different versions for particular countries. It's crazy to imagine how actually we may not be seeing the same content as others. But to fight for equality, we have proxies which you can use to ''act'' like you are from USA, UK, Brazil, France, Sweden, Turkey, Australia.. Anywhere. We just need to find a proxy for it. A lot of people use proxies also for accessing blocked sites on their country.

Why do we have to use proxies? 

Because stardoll staff makes the most of contests/clubs/campaigns with free item giveaways for particular countries only. The most of free items are like advertisements (when you think about it) and the companies are interested (and paying a lot to stardoll staff) to spread a word about their things, and rather seeking for local audiences. (and paying less than for a global campaign on whole stardoll.com). So we use proxies to be able to get everything we can for free.

What to do if the proxy's link bar is covered by stardoll bar? I can't paste link anywhere?
I try to find proxies that don't have this problem, but still there are some. Stardoll created that bar for a purpose. BUT if you experience the bar (where your medoll's pic/stardollars/starcoins/starpoints are written) being over the link bar. Just go to proxy's homepage and there paste the link on proxy blank bar there.

Old free items:
How do you get (insert any old freebie name)?If there is no post about it, it's not available. I need to update the list and go through old posts, because most of the items are just no longer available as contests, clubs or campaigns have been closed. 

Why don't all of old freebies work?

Because nearly all of free items are available temporary. For campaigns and clubs there is usually no limit written - but by time stardoll closes them too and items become never available again. Though some campaigns&clubs are still available. I have no information on why stardoll staff lets some stay for longer and deletes others, but probably one of these two - it's because the company has paid for amount of time their product/campaign will be advertised on stardoll OR stardoll staff is just mean. And we can't do anything to make the time longer or bring back the old items.

About blog:
Why can you only see some of old posts?
Because blog is frequently updated and the aim is to delete the no longer working posts. So this blog could be the source of free items only. Not cluttered by no longer working ones. But don't be afraid to discover tags above, use Search option, or go through labels. And Scroll down to Click Older posts to browse for older but still working items.
If there is something that doesn't work - write on the post's comments, let us know, so it could be checked. Unfortunately, I am on in charge for deciding the deadlines, so it's not our fault if something gets missed.

Where did you get the cursor/layout? How do make the thing on the side of your page? 
All was found with Google - everything can be found by it, and I have never regretted making this blog on blogger.com - on Design section it's really easy to add some gadgets and on html part - to add cursors and stuff. How? You can also search on Google how to use html codes/add cursor tutorials and basically everything. And it might be that by doing that you will learn much more than I have.

How do people have access to Stardoll's spoilers?
There is a special link, this  http://www.sdcdn.com/cms/items/0/59050.swf  each item on stardoll has and ID (same as each member, same as you have ID number/credit card in real) so - the newer item is, the bigger number is, and so by changing the number at the end by +1 you get the next item and by changing the digit to -1 you get the previous. Sometimes stardoll skips some numbers. And next item might be after +20 or so. Usually it takes a day for spoilers to come out, sometimes less/more and some items end up never showing up on stardoll.

Why are there hidden shops? And why do they get deleted?
Hidden shops are 'hidden' because stardoll makes them for particular countries - and for particular countries stardoll.com website looks a little different/has some more campaigns and stuff - it's probably because the most of freebies/shops are kind of associated with real shops/products and virtual versions are kind of adverts - and probably many of the companies are interested only on particular country audience. Mostly these shops are for UK and USA residents and can't be found on Search feature on starplaza. But thanks to the links we (international members) can get the clothes.

Do you know how to become Superstar for free?
I wish I did. But stardoll is business (and business is about making money) and I think having free membership could only be a prize (I think on MSW it was)... I doubt stardoll would ever be interested on making it free. Especially on days like this when everything becomes more limieted than ever..

Can you get free stardollars?
The only way left to get them for free is from stardoll offers. NEVER ANYTHING OUTSIDE THE STARDOLL.COM Never visit any short links someone wrote on your Guestbook or Friend request.
Only available stardollars can be got from: http://www.stardoll.com/en/account/index.php?show=offers
10 Stardollars for Android/Iphone users
10 Stardollars for those who download toolbar
And those ''complete offer'' ones. If you have any. (I personally don't)

Manual proxies:
Why do some freebies only work with manual proxies? Why can't all freebies be gotten with web proxies?
It's because not all the web proxies support javascript and flash.. As you might have noticed (on other stardoll blogs) for some free items you have to save a dressup/send photo/watch vid which is based on javascript. And there are also many countries which don't have web proxies made for them. Or Google doesn't find any, it's not like it looks through every single web page on the internet).

Why don't you post anything that need manual proxy?
As for me, Ruth, I find those proxies more annoying, they slow down your internet and sometimes it takes longer for them to stop working. For web proxies you can always just close the tab and that's it. Easier to escape. Though - web proxies do have a lot of annoying ads, but I suggest to you getting Adblock application for your browser and it will be fine.
There are several manual proxy tutorials posted around, but I must say they expire sooner and you may have to spend hourly Googling, trying out like 20 proxies and non of them working. But I know members who prefer those rather than web based proxies, so it's up to you. You may try them and make them as your future preference.

Any other questions?
Post them HERE

Have a nice day and I hope this was useful to get some extra information [:
-Ruth (aka Houpisonfire)