Created by RuthArmani on stardoll
(previous account of mine was HoupIsOnFire before stardoll's staff deleted it)

History of HTGF
It all started as a free stuff club I made on stardoll named How_to_get_FREE. Well actually quite before I already was interested in finding out about free items and I usually wrote about it to many other blogs in the comment section and then decided to be the one who tells how to get the new items.
The club became successful, it had thousands of members... But one day I got a message from stardoll staff that my club was reported as offending/not suitable for stardoll.
And the next day stardoll staff simply deleted it. And there was no real purpose for that. It's still a question what made them do it. Wherever there were people reporting the club or maybe the staff themselves disliked that I made items accessible for everyone as many campaigns at that time were limited for certain countries only..

Anyways this event was the first step in deciding to create my own blog.  On July, 2010 the first post on HTGF was posted. Followers were growing very slowly, I was in charge of everything, trying to post the already available items and the new ones as soon as they were out, checking proxies for new contests every weekday, several times a day and such... Let me say, I was kind of obsessed with the idea of making this blog as the best source for freebies. I wanted this to be a blog that only posts about free items and not have random content about other stardoll related news.

And within the years of having this blog there have been many free items, BUT most of them are no longer available. Please understand that many of the old items won't be ever available again, and that all the contests and campaigns expire one day. Stardoll's staff are the people who are responsible for what kind of freebies they create. Here on this blog, I only inform how to get the items.

Thank you for giving your time and reading this [:
Have a nice day and let's hope there will be some new freebies made ♥