This How-To-Get-Free blog was made and has been and will be as a free stuff only blog. Because - nothing is nicer than freebies*

Owned by Ruth aka HoupIsOnFire

I tend to forget that a blog - something posted online is a living organism that need to be updated asap.
I will write a better intro today.
Updated 01.08.2014. ^^^^

History of HTGF
It all started as a free stuff club I made on stardoll named How_to_get_FREE.. Well actually quite time before I was used to finding out about free items and I usually told about it to many other blogs and then decided to be the one who tells how to get the new items.
Club became very successful, it had thousands of members... But one day I got a message from stardoll staff that my club is offending/reported/not suiteable for stardoll.
And the next day stardoll staff simply deleted it. And there was no real purpose for that. It's still a question what made them do it. Wherever there were people reporting the club or maybe just stardoll disliked that I made items accessible for everyone.. Who knows. That's past.

Anyways this event was the first step on creating this blog. It took me about a month to from an idea start posting and make an active blog. On July, 2010 first post on HTGF was posted. Followers were growing slowly, I was in charge of everything, trying to post the already available items and the new ones as soon as they were out, checking proxies for new contests every hour and such... Let me say, I was kind of obsessed with the idea of making this blog as the best source for freebies. Also to mention - at that time this was the only blog that posted only free items, there were, of course, many blogs like now, that posted everything, including free items, and this blog was what I wanted myself - a clean blog that only posts about free items, freebies that so nicely can be used and that mostly are such a lovely gifts, because who doesn't love freebies, right? [:

And by this long time there have been many, reallllly many free items. And the bad thing is - the most is no longer available. And if some time ago I would have said - if it's available - it's posted on this blog - then now I kind of can't say that. Emilija and I, we kind of tend to rarely use the manual proxies - but yet mostly the items that are available ARE posted. And please understand that many of the old items won't be ever available again, and that all the contests and campaigns expire one day and that nothing lasts forever.

Of course, everything would be much easier if stardoll made all of those campaigns/contests with giveaways for everyone, worldwide But they don't. And we can do nothing about it. Stardoll staff are the people who are responsible for what to giveaway and to what countries. We only post how to get it. And hopefully what we do is useful for you, I mean your medoll and suite [:

Thank you for giving your time and reading this [: I hope you now felt a little closer to HTGF ^^
Have a nice day and let's hope there will be some new freebies made ♥