Free Casque de Nita Light Headphones

Stardoll Free Casque de Nita Light Headphones
-somehow had missed out posting about these-
If you are on France - Log in, Visit this page linked HERE 
If you aren't on France - Follow these steps -
1)Go to any French web proxy like -
2)On the proxy's bar paste stardoll link
3)Click on Go/Press Enter and you should be directed to stardoll
4)Log in stardoll and now on proxy's URL: Copy&Paste this link -
5)Click Go/Press Enter and you might be sent to proxy's homepage, it's okay
6)Close the proxy's tab and Go to stardoll.com as usual
Headphones should be in a campaign bag in your suite [:


nimra said...

hey ruth if u knw freebies of hair dyes makeup or hairs so plz post i wnt them thank u!!! my stardoll name s choozimoozi

Ruth said...

@nimra Sorry, I haven't seen any new free makeup items in ages, neither any hair.

Some years ago there were some free, but they are no longer available.
The only currently still working free make-up are Natura Faces lipstic and Maybelline lipgloss, both posts can be found here: http://how-to-get-free.blogspot.com/search/label/Make-up

Girl.Best.Angel said...

It doesn't work for me!

Anonymous said...

Okay I will try thank you

Anonymous said...

its dosent work just buy on stardoll.i already have it :)

Anonymous said...

Please Ruth can you give as a solution how to subscribe my little pony club